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With Hilliard Lyons Access Online, you can view your account status (for brokerage and retirement accounts) on any device and take advantage of new online tools that will enhance your view – and your understanding – of your accounts.

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Hilliard Lyons Trust Company Account Portal

Need help with your HLTC Online Account Access? The links below will launch helpful information for the HLTC "Client Information Portal", including step by step instructions and help desk information.

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Important Information About Your HLTC Account

Client Information Portal Security Setting Upgrade:
Because the security of your financial data is critical to us, we recently upgraded the security settings on the Client Information Portal.If you can’t log in, please make sure that your browser has TLS (Transport Layer Security) enabled.Here are instructions on how to view your browser settings and enable TLS; the process is different for each browser.

Please call our Help Desk at 877.226.1244 if you still can’t log in to your account.

Custody Change

Reliance Integrated Solutions LLC (RIS) acquired BMO Harris Bank, N.A.s Trust Outsourcing Business (our previous custodian for all trust accounts). Custody of assets under BMO Harris Bank N.A. has been assigned to Reliance Trust Company, an RIS affiliate.

One process change: This change in custodians has resulted in a change in transfer instructions for delivering DTC-eligible securities to or from accounts with Hilliard Lyons Trust Company. (Virtually all publicly traded securities are eligible for DTC deposit.) If you typically receive gifts of securities into your account, please be sure to contact your Administrative Officer for updated delivery instructions.

Note that we have made no changes to deposits, wire transfers, or ACHs. You should not notice any other changes in how your account is handled as a result of the move to Reliance Trust Company as your account’s custodian.