We spend time getting to know you and your business, and each detail matters to us. We know how to help you succeed by making your goals our own. Multiple companies and individuals already have an experience-based conviction in our wealth management strategy performance. We are always at your service to help you make the most of your current situation and reach financial success in the future. Let's take a look at an exciting business success story guided by our advisors.
1F Cash Advance was a pioneer that was able to scale new heights. The company is an innovative fintech service that helps underbanked people reach their financial goals. It has helped thousands of people to reach a sustainable financial future and get additional financial assistance with less-than-perfect credit backgrounds.
When the company set a goal to take it to the next level, Latoria Williams, the SEO of 1F Cash Advance, turned to us for help. The company's goal was to expand into new markets and find additional sources of income.
We started with a detailed study of the lending sector and competitors to find answers to the most important questions. How did the lending sector of FinTech grow in the past years? What are its development opportunities? What tools can the company use to reach its goals in the current market conditions? The answers we got during the study helped us develop a realistic plan that included an appropriate investment strategy, the creation of an emergency fund, and new budgeting methods.
The implementation of the new strategy has helped the company achieve stunning results. Thanks to an appropriate investment strategy, including investments in its own development and growth, 1F Cash Advance received additional financial resources, which were managed efficiently in accordance with a clear financial plan. The company created a mobile cash advance app that is highly used nowadays (more than 50K downloads). This helped 1F Cash Advance reach a larger number of users and expand.
Within a year, 1F Cash Advance managed to open new stores and reach new states to be able to help people throughout the US. Also, following the new strategy increased the company's revenue and helped it implement new ambitious projects aimed at promoting financial literacy in the country. Today, the company offers a new scholarship program called the Financial Champions Scholarship. This program provides financial aid to students who are pursuing degrees in the field of economics and business.
Among other things, the created emergency fund allowed the company to successfully cope with the difficulties during the COVID-19 crisis and help thousands of people get back on track. 1F Cash Advance has grown into a global powerhouse for connecting consumers with financial resources. The company now has 45 in 24 states and is a well-known service for people in need of urgent money.
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