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You’ve spent your life growing and protecting your wealth. Even if your senior years are well ahead of you, it’s now time to start planning your legacy. Your Hilliard Lyons Trust Company Estate Planner captures your vision for the future and helps to ensure your plan is executed according to your wishes, so you can be confident that the people and causes you care about will be well taken care of for many years.

Whether your dream is to establish a charitable foundation, protect your assets, or pass on an inheritance to your children, your grandchildren, and future generations, Hilliard Lyons Trust Company provides the guidance and comprehensive gifting, estate, transfer and tax optimization strategies you need to help make your vision a reality.

Coordinating closely with your attorney and Wealth Advisor, we translate your goals into a comprehensive estate plan by reviewing and leveraging the following documents:

  • Will
  • Trust (if applicable)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Proxy (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary designation forms for Retirement Accounts & IRAs
  • Life insurance policies and the beneficiary designations

Your life and the complex economic landscape is constantly changing. That’s why you should view your estate plan as a work in progress. Your Wealth Advisor, working with Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, will review and help you adjust your estate plan (upon request) whenever you experience milestones to make sure your plan evolves with you. Milestones might include:

  • Changes in your family due to health issues, death, birth, divorce, adoption, change in state residency and even minors attaining adulthood.
  • Changes in the personal circumstances of those to whom you wish to leave bequests.
  • Changes in charitable organizations you mention in your plans.
  • The expansion, contraction, or change in the nature of your estate and assets.
  • Changes in the ability of your nominated personal representative and/or trustee to handle the responsibilities of those positions.
  • Changes in death tax laws, both state and federal, which may affect your estate plan.

Don’t leave your legacy up to chance. Take control of your financial future with the help ofHilliard Lyons Trust Company.

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Trust and Estate Services

Your Hilliard Lyons Trust Officer – working closely with your Wealth Advisor and Estate Planner – delivers personalized trust services to help transfer your assets according to your wishes. Hilliard Lyons Trust Company provides flexible, discrete, and tax optimized trust solutions to help you achieve your vision for the future.

Your Trust Officer will help administer your trust documents, suggest and implement gifting strategies, and collaborate with your income tax and estate planning advisors to ensure cohesion in your plan and help mitigate the effect of taxes on your trust and estate. Your Trust Officer even helps you disperse cash and securities and coordinate bill payments during the process.

Hilliard Lyons Trust Company provides the expertise and guidance you and your family need throughout the estate administration process, and works hand-in-hand with family to document and ultimately to disburse your important assets or income. Your wealth – whether in bank accounts, investments, vehicles, real estate, heirlooms, and other personal property – is managed safely and discretely and disbursed to the people, organizations, or trusts that you designate.

Hilliard Lyons Trust Companyis committed to serving our clients with everything they need. And if a special need arises that we can’t fulfill directly, we can connect you with a network of partners to provide support for your family and special circumstances.

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Trust & Estate Planning